Sermons Now Online

I’ve had several requests over the past months about putting sermons online.  My church has not chosen to do that on their website as of yet so I did some looking into options and found Vimeo to be a really easy method of uploading video from iMovie.  Unfortunately, the video quality is not much I […]

The Perfect Pastor

Over the weekend I had a parishioner ask if I had ever seen the job description of “the perfect pastor” before.  I told him that I hadn’t…or at least didn’t ever remember seeing it.  So I asked him to send it my way.  His concern about just sending it right away is that I might […]

Who Are You?

In reflecting some these past few days about a talk I get to bring to the Ripon Christian School faculty & staff orientation on Thursday, I’ve found myself reading again from a profound thinker, author & educator by the name of Parker Palmer.  In his book, The Promise of Paradox he writes, “Most of us […]